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January 9th, 2018

Anti-Social Behaviour cases – quarterly review 2017/18 (Q3)

This is the quarterly review of anti-social behavior (ASB) activity reported to Adactus. The tenant scrutiny panel into ASB recommended the data are made available on our website.

In the period October to December 2017, there were 366 individuals reported to us that were believed to be causing ASB or tenancy fraud (representing 306 cases it is common in cases of this type for there to be multiple alleged perpetrators).  The most common kinds of nuisance reported were: noise (23%), verbal harassment / verbal abuse (10%) and domestic abuse (8%).

In the most serious or persistent of cases, Adactus will take legal action against the perpetrators in question.  In this period we obtained 3 injunctions and took ‘other legal action’ in 2 further cases.  Legal action was taken in cases involving abuse (of staff or tenants) and drugs/substance misuse.  We referred six perpetrators to the police, seven to social services and two to relevant mental health agencies.

Please explore the data using the dashboard below. There are two main ways to explore the data:

– Hover your cursor over a bar or circle and further information will be displayed

– Use the pull-down menus to refine the data displayed. The menus at the top of the page enable you to limit the data by case type or outcome. The menu beside the bubble chart enables you to view the incidents reported in selected local authorities.

Notes on the data supplied:
– It covers new incidents reported to us from October to December 2017.
– The average time for a case to be dealt with is 23 days.
– This analysis includes 36 incidents where, following investigation, we have found insufficient evidence to proceed with the case, 22 cases where we deemed the issues were not under the ‘ASB’ remit and 49 cases which could not be resolved (usually because the complainant cannot be contacted after the initial report or there was no evidence to proceed/no complaint to answer).

We would welcome your views on the data and on our anti-social behaviour service.

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  1. brian crosby says:

    we need pcso walking round the area again

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