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June 13th, 2013

Miles Platting – You Decide 2013

Adactus Housing Association has once again set aside a pot of money and would like to put residents of Miles Platting in control of how it is spent.  ‘Miles Platting – You Decide’ lets residents of Miles Platting decide for themselves which projects are needed in their area.

Any local community, voluntary or non-profit organisation – even informal groups or friends and neighbours – can apply for up to £3,000 to put ideas into action.  All groups applying have to be operating in Miles Platting and any activities will have to happen here or mostly benefit Miles Platting people.

Ideas for projects should:
• Benefit as many people as possible from across the community
• Help to make Miles Platting a better place for everyone.
• Meet a real need that is not already met in the area.

Previous winners have obtained funding to organise a dance for young people, a healthy living project, a crime prevention idea, a lunch club for older residents, a community art project, hanging baskets to improve the look of a street of community garden or a street party for your neighbours.

To apply for the funding groups must return the application form here>> before Friday 28th June 2013.  Application forms are also available by calling 0800 234 6826 and asking for Isobel Richards or Vicki Greer or by visiting our local office at 542 Oldham Road, Miles Platting, Manchester, M40 8BS.

4 Responses to Miles Platting – You Decide 2013

  1. adactus admin says:

    Hi Deborah. Thank you for your suggestions, we will put them forward to the Miles Platting Neighbourhood team.

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  2. adactus admin says:

    Thank you to the neighbours from 1-31 Ridgway Street for getting in touch. The land at the back of the houses on Ridgway Street is maintained by Manchester City Council rather than Adactus. Our Housing Team have reported this to the Council but if you would like to report it directly you can do so on their website click on the environmental problems tab and you can report this issue. Alternatively their telephone number is 0161 234 5000.
    We trust this helps.

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  3. d onley says:

    hanging baskets and clean up in the area

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  4. neighbours from 1-31 ridgway st says:

    could u tarmac the back of the houses on ridgway st near where the doctors use to be it is a disgrace there is a lot of building work been dumped there sand, pebbles, slabs of concrete which is dangerous piles of bricks and the pathway should of been tarmac it is dangerous to walk down the back way the other side of the back of the houses were tarmac but this as been left, and with the kids being off school this is very dangerous if any of the slabs fall on a child please can u spend the money on removing all this and tarmac the pathway please the neighbours from 1-31 ridgway street ancoats

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