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Adactus Housing Association News

February 26th, 2016

The Adactus500 has reached an important milestone this month – it’s five years old! The Adactus500 was launched on 11th February 2011 by writing out to a randomly selected group of 500 residents (hence the name). Things have moved on and the Adactus500 is now open to any tenant not subject to legal action. We have a rolling program of tasks including consultations, scrutiny panels, photo tasks, voting tasks and focus groups. We regularly get over 200 tenants taking part in our …

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February 25th, 2016

Following on from the Scrutiny Panel’s scoping meeting, our Internal Affairs team has been busy gathering evidence to present to the Scrutiny Panel at their next meeting in March. Their report is now available to view: Click here to view the Scrutiny Panel on fire safety – Interim Report using an e-reader or download the pdf by clicking here. Scroll down to view the results of an Adactus500 survey on fire safety commissioned by the Scrutiny Panel (or click here if on a mobile …

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February 18th, 2016

We closely monitor the performance of our services that are important to residents – and key to the health of our business. In addition to telling us how well we are doing, this information is used to highlight any improvements (or lack of) that result from service changes. The data also helps us to decide where we need to focus our attentions. The whole performance blog is presented using a piece of software called ‘Tableau’. This is a user-friendly way of …

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February 18th, 2016

The Walkabouts concentrate on things that concern everyone living in the area. They look at issues such as anti social behaviour, vandalism, graffiti, litter, fly tipping, abandoned vehicles, overgrown or neglected communal areas. If you would like to get involved and join us on a walkabout then please contact your neighbourhood officer below: Sam Hornsby – t: 0300 111 1133 Wigan TBA Leigh TBA Adlington TBA Coppull TBA _______________________________________ Amy Holden – t: 0300 111 1133 Sefton TBA Chorley Moor TBA _______________________________________ …

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February 12th, 2016

As Deputy Chief Executive I work with Paul and the other directors to plan the direction Adactus is taking – looking at wider issues which affect Adactus, such as changes to government policy and regulation; and also funding & management issues which arise in a growing organisation. My background is in property development and I am responsible in particular for our development strategy. My days are quite varied; usually starting with a chat with Paul to discuss any issues which …

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