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Adactus Housing Association, Beech Housing Association, Chorley Community Housing


The members of the Adactus Group Structure let over 1,000 homes every year.

Each week, we have a number of readily available homes that are available to let now.  This list is updated at least every week when new homes are added and you can either check for new properties online or by using the connect service to contact us. Check out the eligibility criteria for these homes, they'll be stated on the advertised property.

To rent one of our other properties you will need to first make a housing application either to us to join our waiting list or to your local authority who can nominate you to us typically through what's called a Choice-Based Lettings scheme.

There are currently three main ways to access our homes:-

  • Within the City of Manchester, through their Choice-Based Lettings scheme called the Manchester Housing Register.
  • Within Chorley Borough Council and Preston City Council, through their Choice-Based Lettings scheme called Selectmove.
  • For all other areas where we have stock, you will need to register for rehousing with us directly.

To be eligible to apply to us you need to be:

  • 18 years or older (or over 16, subject to a separate assessment).
  • A UK Citizen or have indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

Where our properties are

The housing association members of the Adactus Group Structure own property throughout the North West and you can apply for as many areas as you like.  If you apply for several areas you will have a better chance of a property becoming available sooner.

The number and type of properties we have in each area are shown on the map below.  Click on the map markers for details:


View Property location in a full screen map

What we charge in rent

Our typical average weekly rents are:

  • Sheltered homes -                           £97.00 (including service charges)
  • General Needs one bed flat–           £65.92
  • General Needs two-bed homes–     £68.52
  • General Needs three-bed homes -  £75.95

How we assess how many bedrooms you need

We seek to ensure that best use is made of our stock and that bedrooms are utilised where practicable.  The following guide is useful in determining the size of home you can apply for.


Property Size

With Children

Without Children


Not eligible

Single person or couple

One Bedroom

Not eligible

Single person or couple

Two Bedrooms

Expecting child, one child, or two children if same sex

Two people sharing

Three Bedrooms

Two or three children

Three people sharing

Four or more Bedrooms

Three or more children

Four people sharing

Types of property you can apply for

We manage the following types of properties:

  • Mainly two and three bed houses for families, with some four, five and six bed houses
  • Studio apartments and one or two-bed flats for singles or couples
  • Sheltered Housing and Retirement Living for older people.
  • 1, 2 or 3 bed bungalows

All of our properties have fitted kitchens and bathrooms. Some have gardens, intruder alarms and warden call systems.  All of our properties (apart from some supported accommodation) are unfurnished.

How our homes are allocated

All our homes are allocated on a needs basis, with applicants who have the greatest needs receiving higher priority.  We have a number of nominations agreements with Local Authorities where we have stock and a number of our empty homes are set aside for nominations from Local Authorities such as Manchester City Council, Chorley Borough Council and Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council.  This ensures that reasonable preference is given to applicants in greatest need such as homelessness applicants, people fleeing Domestic Violence, overcrowding and applicants with medical needs. 

When an allocation is made, either through a nomination or a direct offer from us, we aim to develop stable communities and that preference is also given to applicants with a local connection to the area, either through work and family connections. 

There are three ways to apply for one of our homes. The correct way is determined by where you are looking to move to.

1) If you want to live in one of the areas covered by the Manchester Housing Register  you will need to apply via their Choice-Based Lettings system called the Manchester Housing Register. To check if the areas you want are covered by the Manchester Housing Register, please visit the Manchester Homefinder website.

2) Within Chorley Borough Council and Preston City Council, through their Choice-Based Lettings scheme called Selectmove.

3) For all other areas where we have stock, you will need to register for rehousing with us directly

Our Allocations Policy provides greater detail as to how are homes are allocated in an open and fair manner.

Our Works Standard

When one of our homes becomes empty, we carry out refurbishment works to ensure it meets our agreed Relet Standard.  Most if not all works are completed when the property is empty, including replacement of kitchens and bathrooms where necessary.  In most instances, we also offer a moving in decorating package, whereby decorating vouchers worth up to £150 are provided.

The Offer and Let Interview

When a property becomes empty, we endeavour to offer it out as soon as possible.  The initial offer is made on a 'provisional' basis in that we occassionally have to withdraw an offer if for example the outgoing tenant withdraws their notice, or in emergency circumstances such as fire or flood where we need to urgently rehouse a tenant.

Once the offer of accommodation is confirmed, we will invite you in for a Let Interview where final eligibility checks are made and keys released.  This interview typically takes around 1 hour where the Tenancy Agreement (the contract between the Association and you) is explained.

We understand and appreciate that moving into a new home and settling down in a new area or environment can be challenging.  We therefore offer a post-Let support package where Lettings Officers call within the first six weeks to check things are going well and further visits / support can be arranged where needed.  A standard support checklist is completed.


What is 'succession' and how does it work ?

If you die, a member of your family might be able to take over your tenancy.  This is called 'succession'.

Your partner, or person living with you has the first claim on your tenancy.  If you have no partner, another family member member may be able to take over your tenancy.  This could include your parent, grandparent, son or daughter, grandchild, sibling, aunt or uncle, nephew or niece.

For another family member to take over your tenancy, they must have been living with you for 12 months in a row before you died and you must have been living in the home as your only or principal home.  If the property has been designed for someone with a disability, or for people with other special needs and no one living there needs them, we will offer the person hoping to take over your tenancy another property.

A tenancy can only be passed on once by succession.  If the tenancy has already been assigned before, you should contact our Contact Centre for more information.  If you live in the property but don't qualify to take over the tenancy, you may not be able to stay there.  In some cases though, we may be able to offer you other housing.  Contact our Contact Centre to discuss this as soon as you can.