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Last updated 02/04/2012

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    Co-regulation is the approach to the regulation of housing put in place by the Tenant Services Authority and continued after the TSA's abolition by the Homes and Communities Agency.  Co-regulation is a hands-off approach from the regulator, which sets certain National Standards, but leaves each housing association scope to work out with its tenants and other stakeholders how best to achieve them through its Local Offers.

    The TSA characterised co-regulation as “robust self-regulation by the boards and councillors who govern the delivery of housing services, incorporating effective tenant involvement subject to a ‘backbone’ of regulation.”

    This approach to regulation places an emphasis on boards taking responsibility to seek assurance in the quality of their organisation's services and performance through independent checks including resident involvement.

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  • 02/04/2012

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    Comment: HCA became social housing regulator in April 2012.

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