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Last updated 12/11/2018

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Neighbourhood Team

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    We’ve recently made some changes to our neighbourhood team which will now operate across all of our locations in the North West and East Midlands as part of Jigsaw Homes Group.

    The changes will help to improve communities and promote better tenant scrutiny and engagement with a focus on targeting work where it’s needed through our neighbourhood plans.

    Newly trained advisors in our Connect customer services will also be able to help with more neighbourhood enquiries at the first point of contact.

    Our neighbourhood service, replaces 'Breathe' and now consists of the following three new teams:

    • Tenancy Matters. Dealing with anything relating to tenancies and neighbourhood management that cannot be resolved by Connect at the first point of contact.
    • Neighbourhood Engagement. Dealing with neighbourhood plans, Jigsaw Rewards, Jigsaw Foundation (launching soon), scrutiny, and resident involvement.
    • Neighbourhood Safety. Managing anti-social behaviour, enforcement and prevention, perpetrator support, and safeguarding.

    Jigsaw has already made positive steps towards empowering tenants and the neighbourhood engagement team will continue to work on projects like Jigsaw Rewards.

    Jigsaw Foundation, a scheme to award community grants will also launch next year, replacing our Breathe Investment Grants (BIG).

    If you have a neighbourhood query, please contact us.

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