This information is for:
Adactus Housing Association, Beech Housing Association, Chorley Community Housing, Miles Platting

How to reduce fires in the home

In the kitchen:

  • Avoid leaving children in the kitchen alone when cooking on the hob. Keep matches and sauce pans out of their reach
  • If you have to leave the kitchen, take pans off the heat
  • Make sure sauce pan handles don’t stick out – so they don’t get knocked over
  • Take care when wearing loose clothing, it can easily catch fire
  • Keep tea towels and clothes away from the cooker
  • Spark devices to light gas are safer than matches or lighters because they don’t have a naked flame
  • Double check the cooker is off when you have finished cooking
  • Keep electrical leads away from water
  • Keep the toaster away from curtains and kitchen roll and check it’s clean
  • Keep the cooker, hob and grill clean and in good working order
  • Don’t put anything metal in the microwave
  • Take care when cooking with oils. They set fire easily. If the oil starts to smoke it’s too hot
  • Make sure food is dry before throwing it in oil to prevent it from splashing hot oil
  • If a pan catches fire never throw water on it. Turn off the heat, call 999, get out and stay out. Never tackle a fire yourself.


  • Certain appliances such as a washing machine should have a single plug to themselves as they are high powered
  • Try to keep to one plug per socket
  • An extension lead or adapter will have a limit to how many amps it can take, so be careful not to overload them to reduce the risk of a fire. Check the amps on the plug
  • Keep electrical appliances clean and in good working order. Keep your eyes out for visual signs of damage such are loose wiring or exposed cables, scorch marks, hot plugs or sockets
  • Unplugging appliances reduces the risk of fire, unplug them when not in use or when you go to bed.

Portable appliances:

  • Try to secure heaters up against a wall to stop them falling over
  • Keep heaters clear from curtains and furniture and never use them to dry clothes.
  • For properties with balconies, the use of barbeques, chimineas, fire pits, portable fires etc. is forbidden.


  • Stub cigarettes out properly and dispose of them carefully – use an ashtray
  • Never smoke in bed or leave a cigarette lying around lit
  • Take extra care if you smoke when you’re tired, taking prescription drugs or if you’ve been drinking. You might fall asleep and set your bed or sofa on fire.


  • Make sure candles are secured in a proper holder and away from materials that may catch fire like curtains.
  • Put candles out when you leave the room, and make sure they’re put out completely at night
  • Children shouldn’t be left alone with lit candles
  • Keep pets away from lit candles.

When going to bed:

  • Close all internal doors to stop fire spreading
  • Turn off and unplug electrical appliances, unless they are designed to stay on e.g. a freezer
  • Check your cooker is turned off
  • Don’t leave the washing machine on
  • Turn heaters off and put up fire guards
  • Put candles and cigarettes out properly
  • Make sure exits are kept clear
  • Keep door keys where everyone can find them.