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Last updated 20/04/2016

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  • Perks in employment

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    With extensive employee involvement, we have created an attractive package of first class employee benefits and terms and conditions for employees.





    Salaried employees working five days per week receive 24 working days annual leave per annum, plus bank holidays, three concessionary days for the Christmas period and service days up to a maximum of five extra days. Hourly paid employees will receive the equivalent of 5.6 weeks including bank holidays.


               Flexible Holiday Scheme


    Employees can buy or sell one week’s annual leave following management approval, running on an annual holiday year basis, with the "trading" decisions made during a window, which opens in March each year.



            One Day Extra Leave for No Sickness


    If an employee has no time off due to sickness for the entire 12-month leave year they will be rewarded with an extra day’s holiday in their entitlement for the following year.



            Enhanced Sick Benefits

    Salaried employees normally receive two weeks full pay during their probation period and 13 weeks full pay after completion of their probation period.



            Best Doctors

    If you have an illness which you would like further advice/guidance about you can obtain second opinions from specialists within the health profession who are seen as leaders in their fields.


            Permanant Health Insurance


    Salaried employees can make a claim if they are absent from work for more than 13 weeks due to sickness; if accepted, employees can receive up to half pay for the remainder of the time they are absent. This benefit will be discussed with individual employees at Welfare meetings during long-term sick leave.





    Employees can join the DC (Defined Contribution) Scheme and contribute a minimum amount of 3% of their salary in to a Pension Fund with the employer contributing 3% as well. 


       Salary Sacrifice


    Employees can sacrifice an amount of their salary depending on their circumstances and personal needs for things like Childcare Vouchers, Cycle to Work and Pensions. This leads to tax savings dependant upon your gross salary.


             Flexible Working


    A range of working hours are available dependant on the individuals needs and the business requirements within your chosen job role, such as compressed, flexi time, part time or job share.


             Annual Healthcare Check

    A free annual health check which provides some basic health advice following completion of a range of simple tests, for employees who wish to attend.


            Adactus Pies


    Our ‘PIES’ offer a wide variety of benefits ranging from cash back on holidays to your weekly shopping. This site is beneficial and healthy for both your finances and your well-being too.


               Enhanced Maternity/Paternity Fund


    Adactus pay packages above the minimum statutory requirements for both Maternity & Paternity Leave.


             Employee Assistance Welfare Fund


    We offer a range of support services (via an independent company), these are designed to help employees live a happy and fulfilling life such as debt advice, bereavement advice, counselling etc.



          Healthy Living Welfare Fund


    Employees can apply for a contribution towards activities which are regular and exercise based up to a maximum of £100 per employee (£4000 per year budget).



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