This information is for:
Adactus Housing Association, Beech Housing Association, Chorley Community Housing


Local Lettings Plans are agreed local plans for the allocation and letting of homes within an agreed community / location or across a type of property.  Community consultation takes place as well as consultation with the local authority (i.e. the local council).

The Local Lettings Plan

The Local Lettings Plan allows the Association to be more flexible in allocating homes to meet specific local issues.  For example, a Local Lettings Plan may include:

  • Criteria to give a mix of household sizes, (often in new developments) to give a balanced community 
  • Criteria that aims to reduce the likelihood of anti-social behaviour in areas that have existing high levels of anti social behaviour 
  • To help new residents blend in smoothly with the existing community

The Association commits to ensuring that where a Local Lettings Plan is developed, it will be flexible and non-discriminatory. This may require some applicants to be considered before others irrespective of their relative housing need score or banding. 

Empty Homes that fall within an agreed Local Lettings Plan will be clearly displayed on our website.