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Adactus Housing Association, Beech Housing Association, Chorley Community Housing, Miles Platting


This article highlights the options that we can help existing council or housing association tenants with to move home.

Shared Ownership

Shared ownership enables you to buy a proportion of a property and pay rent on the remainder. Visit our website to view our new properties available on shared ownership terms.


Within our lettings and allocations policy, our existing tenants can apply to transfer their tenancy to another of our properties if there is clear housing need to do so.

There are occasions when tenants may be suspended from joining the list however.  These include:

  • If the tenant owes a lot of money (for rent or repairs)
  • If the tenant has broken their tenancy agreement
  • If the tenant has been involved in anti-social behaviour
  • If the tenant has not held a tenancy with us for 12 months or more

Mutual Exchanges

A mutual exchange entails tenants to swap their home with another council or housing association tenant.  It is the tenant's responsibility to find someone to swap with, and then they must contact us to obtain written permission from both landlords.

In order to be granted an exchange tenants must:

  • Have a clear rent account
  • Apply to move into a property that is the correct size for their household
  • Not apply to move into a property with special adaptations (for which the tenant's household has no need)
  • Not have breached their current tenancy agreement
  • Not have a current Notice Seeking Possession or Possession Order against them
  • Not have been involved in anti social behaviour
  • Not have caused any damage in the home


When a mutual exchange is requested we will carry out a property inspection to identify any damage/outstanding repairs that the tenant may be responsible for.  If any damage is identified, the tenant will be asked to repair it before consent is granted.

The person on the other side of the exchange must also meet these requirements.

If we refuse an exchange we will inform the tenant in writing within 6 weeks of their application.

If the move has been approved we will agree a time to sign the necessary paperwork.  Once a move date has been agreed between all parties, it is the tenant's responsibility to arrange the move.

We understand that your circumstances may change and you may therefore need to move to more suitable housing for your needs. If you need to move we’ll try to help you as much as we can. is a new service we use to bring people together who are interested in swapping their homes. Currently over 100,000 people are looking to swap their properties around the UK, so your ideal home could be only a few clicks away.

It is easy to use, simply enter your details at and the site will match you up with other would-be-swappers. 

Once you’re registered, you can start messaging the properties you’re interested in, arranging viewings is a great first step in your House Exchange journey.

If you are having difficulty accessing the internet but wish to register with House Exchange please call into one of our offices or alternatively contact us on 0300 111 1133 and one of our advisors will assist you with this.


Tenancy succession

What is 'succession' and how does it work ?

If you die, a member of your family might be able to take over your tenancy.  This is called 'succession'.

Your partner, or person living with you has the first claim on your tenancy.  If you have no partner, another family member member may be able to take over your tenancy.  This could include your parent, grandparent, son or daughter, grandchild, sibling, aunt or uncle, nephew or niece.

For another family member to take over your tenancy, they must have been living with you for 12 months in a row before you died and you must have been living in the home as your only or principal home.  If the property has been designed for someone with a disability, or for people with other special needs and no one living there needs them, we will offer the person hoping to take over your tenancy another property.

A tenancy can only be passed on once by succession.  If the tenancy has already been assigned before, you should contact our Contact Centre for more information.  If you live in the property but don't qualify to take over the tenancy, you may not be able to stay there.  In some cases though, we may be able to offer you other housing.  Contact our Contact Centre to discuss this as soon as you can.

Tenancy assignment

What is 'assignment' and how does it work ?

Assigment is when you pass your tenancy on to another member of your family so that you will no longer be the tenant.

Generally, you can only assign your tenancy by a transfer order under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, an exchange or by passing your tenancy to a member of your family who would qualify to take over the tenancy if you died.  You can only pass on your tenancy once by assignment or succession.  This rule does not apply to assignments under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 or the right to exchange.

You cannot pass on your tenancy without our permission as the tenancy can only be passed on once and you must do so by deed (a legal document).

Contact us for further details.

Moving Out checklist

It is important that you:

  • Let us know that you are moving (you must tell us in writing four weeks before you move to your new home; if applicable, we will give your new landlord a reference). You can also inform us via the connect website.
  • Contact your local benefits service (you must also inform them of your change of circumstances)
  • You must leave the property as you would expect to find it (clean and in a good decorative condition)
  • Take all your belongings and rubbish with you (if we have to dispose of anything you have left behind we will charge you for it)
  • Hand your keys in by 12 noon on the Monday on which your tenancy ends (DO NOT send your keys in the post unless it is by recorded delivery)
  • Leave us a forwarding address
  • Let other companies such as your gas and electricity suppliers know that you are moving

We may ask you to complete an exit survey as part of our commitment to monitor and improve our service to tenants)

You will be charged if:

  • You leave without telling us and fail to return your keys (four weeks rent and the cost of changing the locks)
  • Any damage has been done to your home (you will be responsible if the property is broken into or vandalized)

If necessary we will pass your details on to a debt recovery firm to collect these charges and any other debts you owe us. This will affect your credit rating and impact on any future applications for rented accommodation.