This information is for:
Adactus Housing Association, Beech Housing Association, Chorley Community Housing


The Neighbourhood Fund is available to support small scale community projects that will improve the quality of life for Group residents and make a real difference to the neighbourhoods where we work. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate that their project supports one or more of the following priorities.

  • Healthy Living
  • Environmental improvements
  • Young People and Children
  • Older People
  • Sustainability
  • Employment and Training
  • Bring the Community Together
  • Community Safety


We supported over 70 projects in 2010/11, over 170 in 2011/12 and 146 projects in 2012/13.  In 2013/14, this figure increased to 219 projects totalling £195,169.  The number of projects increased further in 2014/15 with 240 receiving £192,628 worth of funding.  The interactive tree map below outlines the projects and the amount of funding received during 2015/16.  Total spend for 2015/16 came up to £191,620 distributed across 308 projects.  

Applying to the Neighbourhood Fund

The neighbourhood fund was replaced by the ‘BIG’ Breathe Investment Grants.  Following the launch of Jigsaw Homes Group, BIG will be replaced by the Jigsaw Foundation.