This information is for:
Adactus Housing Association, Beech Housing Association, Chorley Community Housing, Miles Platting

How we are run

The members of the Adactus Group Structure are each governed by a board of management.

The boards meet quarterly to make key decisions, help to shape the direction of each housing association, and monitor their performance.

It isn't easy to switch landlords so in performing their duties, each board of management draws on the needs and desires of customers identified through our extensive resident involvement activities.

The members of the Adactus Group Structure believe that transparency in decision-making helps to drive good governance and is a key component in ensuring the effective co-regulation required by our regulator, the Homes and Communities Agency.  To this end, we publish many of our board papers online and blog about the key decisons taken.  We also undertake extensive customer involvement and research through the range of means set out in our Resident Involvement Framework.

We believe we are leading the way with our implementation of innovative resident involvement ideas such as the Neighbourhood Fund and the Adactus500.

The members of the Adactus Group Structure share senior staff whose job is to run each organisation within the business plan, strategies and policies agreed by the board.