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October 12th, 2011

Anti-Social Manchester Tenant Evicted

Mike Colvin, Tenancy Enforcement Officer

An anti-social tenant from Manchester who made life hell for her neighbours by holding loud parties and having visitors at all times of the day and night has been evicted by her landlord.

Natalie Dougherty was evicted from her home in Beckett Street, Gorton in Manchester by Adactus Housing Association at the end of September. The action follows more than six months of anti-social behaviour.

Mike Colvin, Tenancy Enforcement Officer for Adactus, said: “We have taken possession proceedings against Natalie Dougherty that have resulted in her losing her home because of the complete disregard she has shown for her neighbours. As well as holding loud parties and leaving the property insecure so that anyone could enter it, she has been abusive towards people in the street.”

Six neighbours complained to Adactus altogether. The eviction was taken out by Adactus’ tenancy enforcement team, who liaised with the neighbours to gain evidence for the eviction and then instructed solicitors to act on behalf of the association.

Mike added: “This really has been a nightmare for the neighbours, with the police being called out to the property a number of times and constant shouting and screaming night after night, with groups of mainly male visitors and all the attendant problems that this can cause on a quiet residential street.”

The property has now been repossessed and made secure.

Kate Sullivan, Tenancy Enforcement Manager, said: “Peace will hopefully now return to Beckett Street and the residents can get on with their lives.”

Anyone suffering from anti-social behaviour who lives in an Adactus property or is suffering as a result of the behaviour of an Adactus tenant should contact the ASB team on 0845 505 3355 or (mobile users) 0300 111 1133.

3 Responses to Anti-Social Manchester Tenant Evicted

  1. adactus admin says:

    Hi Sean

    Thank you for getting in touch with us regarding this issue. Our ASB team will look into the matter and will contact within 24 hours. If you have any further queries please feel free to contact us on 0845 505 3344 (Landline) or 0300 111 1133 (Mobile).

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  2. Shaun Maloney says:

    I am having a number of problems at the moment where I am at the moment in Bridgeford Ct Stretford, can’t sleep,just makes me want to leave

    +2 Vote -1 Vote +1
  3. Mohamed Eisa Elbadawi says:

    Well done, people deserve to live in peace, ASB team keep the good work coming and all the best

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